Negotiating with your agent

Once you’ve found an agent it’s not simply a case of them sitting you down and telling you what to do.

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Instead, take their advice as you see fit and negotiate a sales strategy that suits you.

It’s completely your choice if you’d rather sell by negotiation than hold an auction. If your agent advises against this, ask them why and do your own research to back up your feelings - don’t feel pressured to do something you’re not comfortable with.

As the seller, you can also negotiate when open homes are held, at what time and for how long. If you really don’t like the idea of open homes you could opt for private viewings only, though this may limit the number of potential buyers you could reach.

The same applies for whether or not to accept an offer. If you truly feel it’s too low, talk it through with your agent. You aren’t legally bound to accept any offer that you don’t like, be it the price or the conditions. It’s up to your agent to negotiate with the buyers to ensure everyone is happy with the final deal.

If your contract with an agent expires without a sale (or one in progress), you can change agents or list your property privately.  

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