Choosing an agent

When you appoint an agent to sell your house, you’re paying for more than just someone to hold your hand through the often daunting property sales process.

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For some sellers, it’s comforting to be guided through the countless decisions that need to be made, such as the best method of sale for your property and market, the most effective marketing strategy, what chattels to include, setting a price and, when it comes to it, the potentially complex negotiation process.

What makes a great agent:

  • A wealth of professional expertise including crucial knowledge of your local market and current trends.
  • Solid practice with the buying and selling process, and property laws.
  • A database of buyers that could speed up your sales process, as well as agent colleagues who also have buyers who may be interested.

What to expect from your agent:

  • Organise the advertising of your property for you - including online, print advertisements and signage.
  • Contact and follow up with potential buyers on your behalf
  • Host open homes and private viewings.
  • Manage negotiations and handle all the administration that goes with it.

How to choose the best agent for you:

  • It can be through word of mouth.
  • By seeking a pile of appraisals to choose from (you should probably do that anyway).
  • Choosing the most visible agent in town by checking out their approach to buyers at open homes you go to.
  • Simply by cold calling on a few and picking the one you like most.

The right agent will be able to assure you that they aren’t just great at marketing your property but they have the skills and experience to negotiate strongly with buyers on your behalf.

This information is not intended as a complete guide, as it doesn’t consider your individual needs or financial situation. Trade Me accepts no responsibility or liability for any inaccuracies or omissions in the content. Always obtain independent legal advice before buying or selling property.