Writing great ad copy

Once your great, eye-catching photographs have hooked a potential buyer into clicking on your private sale ad, they’ll want to read about it.

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The key here is to sink that hook in deeper with fabulous words, not create concern with awkward writing that’s full of errors.

Here are some tips for writing great ad copy to accompany your house photos:

1. Take your time

Take your time to write an eye-catching headline. “House for sale on Main Street” isn’t going to send buyers to your open home unless they happen to adore Main Street, but “Inner Circle Private Retreat” might.

2. Include important details

Be sure to include all the important details, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, but do it in an interesting way. Use descriptive words to enhance its qualities, such as stylish kitchen, sophisticated living room, charming garden oasis, sought-after location.

3. Appealing aspects come first

Put the most appealing aspects of the home in the first one or two paragraphs. Examples could be its great location or newly renovated features. Think of the positives in features you think might be potential negatives - small could be ‘cosy’, older homes have ‘character’, a tiny garden is ‘low maintenance’.

4. Consider who is buying

If you’re in a desirable school zone, then include details that appeal to families high up in your copy, such as double living areas, a large garden and which school zone the property is in.

5. Ask for help

If creative writing isn’t your forte, ask a friend or look online or in local real estate publications for inspiration and examples, but keep your headline and ad copy unique to your property.

6. Keep it short

Simple and punchy is the best - nobody has the attention span for a 1,000-word description and you want to encourage people to find out more at the open home or contact you for more information.

7. Call to action

Always finish with a call to action for buyers, such as “Please phone us to organise a private viewing.”, or “Final chance to view this Sunday.”