How to advertise your home

An obvious, but sometimes daunting, step to selling your house privately is to let people know it’s for sale. Without an agent on the scene, it’s up to you to run your own advertising campaign.

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The options are endless, but before you go recording that radio ad and wearing a sandwich board round town while wearing an animal costume, start with an online listing.

Here are a few more things to think about to start you on your advertising adventure.

The perfect buyer

Your listing can be up and running within minutes, but don’t rush it - this is your perfect opportunity to showcase your property with great photos and a stunning description. Think of the ideal buyer and try to write it in a way that will appeal to them. Ensure your spelling and grammar are correct, to be professional.

Writing a killer ad

There are many ways to write a killer ad. Include descriptions of key features of your property and their benefits to potential buyers (e.g. sun-drenched private deck is perfect for year-round entertaining). For some things you’ll want to get more creative (e.g. a small room could become a cosy spare bedroom), but don’t attempt to deceive buyers - they’re smart and they’re the ones who are looking to spend!

The perfect pictures

In the end, a picture tells a thousand words. Put your phone camera away and use a high end digital camera or, even better, hire a local photographer to take professional photos of your home for your advertising. Make sure it’s looking its best and work with the photographer to show off the property to its best. A few dollars spent here could make the difference between attracting the right buyers or not. If you are going to try taking the photos yourself, check out these hot tips for the best outcome.

Excellent signage

Then it’s time to get your For Sale sign up, and start planning for your first open home. Signs come in a range of formats, and can include photos. Be sure to add your Trade Me listing number on the sign, so passers-by can quickly find more information.

Using social networks

Once it’s live, share your listing across your social networks - for starters it’ll let your in-laws know you’re moving, but more importantly it’ll advertise your property to your friends and their friends. Chances are that if you like it, then your friends will like it and their friends too.

Advertise in print

Other advertising methods include advertising in your local newspaper and doing a letterbox drop with printed flyers. Make it clear if, and when, you’re holding open homes, and include your phone number for private viewings.