How & when to hold your open home

One of the key parts of marketing your property is selecting the perfect time for the open home. If you have an agent it may partly depend on their availability, but generally you should ensure it’s scheduled for when your home’s living areas are sunniest during the day and/or when it suits prospective buyers best.

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Most open homes are held at the weekend, but weekday open homes are also growing in popularity.

TIP: Try to avoid public holidays, large celebration days or on that all-important All Blacks test, otherwise you’ll risk having an empty house that looks like Eden Park 15 minutes after the full time whistle blows.

Time your open home for the part of the day when your property is looking its best. If you lose the sun at 2pm, aim for a morning open home. If the sea breeze picks up at 11 on your beachfront property, start at 9.

Buyers may not appreciate open homes first thing in the morning or last thing in the afternoon, while during the week either lunchtime, straight after work or early evening may be most convenient.

Here's 5 top tips for running a great open home

1. Promote your open home on Trade Me Property - FREE

When you list your house on Trade Me you can easily include details about your open home for no additional cost. This mean buyers can simply add your property to their open home calendar.

2. Engage with your visitors

It's important to be engaged with whomever comes to your Open Home. The best and most effective tip is to simply put away your cell phone. Your visitors will really appreciate your attention. 

3. Know a little bit about the market

Buyers are increasingly savvy so it's important to know a little about the market - it's not as hard as it sounds we promise! Before the open home;

  1. Check out competing listings in your area.
  2. Take a look at the monthly Trade Me Property Price Index  for a high level overview of what the market is doing.
  3. Browse Property Insights to get an idea of recent sales and estimated sale prices. 

4. Open home prep makes all the difference

A house that looks its best on the day has a better chance of selling or reaching a higher price. Find out ways to make your home look good and how to prepare for your open home.

5. Make sure you follow up

All this hard work to prepare for an open home you'll want to make sure you can follow up with any interested parties. Simply have a sign up sheet on a table and encourage people to leave their name, number and email address.