Spreading the word

Advertising is key when you’re selling, and these days most people go online to conduct their property search. For most kiwis, Trade Me Property is their first stop.

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Where to advertise

There are many ways to advertise your property. While it’s important to get the right advertising mix, 82% of potential buyers use online as their main tool to search for property and 85% come to Trade Me Property first, so when selling, a listing on Trade Me Property is a very important part of your advertising schedule.

It's important to look at what opportunities are out there to spread the word. Your agent will have a number of advertising packages available at different costs, so discuss with them what level of marketing exposure suits you and your property best.

A great tip is to simply ask yourself "where would I go to look if I was buying a house".

Keep in mind an advertised house can go ‘stale’ after the first few weeks in market, so it pays to hit your advertising campaign hard from the start. Premium options on Trade Me Property  are the best way to boost your exposure and help your listing stand out from the rest. 

Your friends and family

Don’t underestimate the advertising power of your own networks, either. Make sure you copy the listing URL from Trade Me and use social media to tell your friends and contacts about your property so they can take a look online or share your link across their own networks.

Photography is key

Great photos of your house are vital to catch a potential buyer’s eye and draw them in, particularly online.

Agents will often provide a photographer as part of their marketing package, but if you’re running your own marketing campaign as part of a private sale, take a look at how the experts do it and follow suit.

Start by checking out our 10 top tips to taking great photos

Photos of your house must show its absolute best side and be free of clutter and personalised items as much as possible. From your photos, buyers will decide whether to come to an open home or, if they live overseas or in a distant region, they may literally buy online based on the photos. The power of photos is enormous.

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