So you want to sell your home?

There’s more to selling your home than just sticking up a sign on the front lawn and waiting for a buyer to walk through the front door, gushing over your open plan kitchen and admiring your hard-earned teaspoon collection.

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There’s a bit of background work to be done - not only to prepare the house, but yourself.

First, you need to decide how you want to sell; using an agent or selling privately. Then research whatever option you’ve chosen (such as choosing the right agent), and commit to a sales and marketing plan, either with your agent or alone.

Prepare to declutter, de-personalise and create something that a potential buyer could eventually see themselves living in. Now is the time to cut any emotional ties that most people will naturally have with their home, and see it as a product that you can market to the masses.

Importantly, decide on a price you’re looking for. You may not get it, but having a realistic figure in mind will be good to bring to the discussion table with your agent.

We cover this and more in the following articles to selling a home.

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