Should I sell?

Your decision to sell depends entirely on your situation, whether it be to upsize for a family, downsize for retirement, relocate for work, or simply because you want something different.

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You may also be selling because the market is super hot in your locality and you reckon you can get a good price.

Unless you’re moving to a less active property market you’re going to be buying in the same market, so make sure you know how much you need to make from the sale to be able to buy your next home.

If your local market’s stagnant or the signs are pointing to more activity in the near future, then it might pay to wait for the market to pick up so you can get a better price.

Or if you think it’s a good time to buy, then you may have to live with a lower sale price in order to pick up a bargain-basement new place.

Check with your lender whether you’ll be facing break fees on your home loan - these could be substantial, though if you’re remortgaging with your existing lender it may just be rolled into a new home loan.

Whatever the reason for your sale, do plenty of research first to ensure you’re making the best choices along the way.