Making your property sale-ready

Setting the scene for potential buyers to picture themselves and their way of living in your property is crucial to securing great offers and a sale.

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By depersonalising and decluttering your home, you’re creating a blank canvas that potential buyers can picture their furniture and art in.

No buyer, however much they loved the exterior of your house, will be able to see past your three-room teapot collection or compulsion to house stray cats.

But don’t go too extreme - consider who your property will ideally appeal to (family/executive bachelor/DIY genuis etc) and set the scene with props like furniture and art to help them picture their dream.

De-cluttering is essential and cleaning is compulsory. First impressions last, and they matter a lot. Take a walk around your home and its exterior as if you were visiting for the first time. Even better, ask a friend who you trust to have a critical eye to do it for you. Don’t be offended - this is now a business transaction, not your personal bolthole, and embrace all the help you can get.

What needs repairing, repainting, touching up, cleaning or refreshing? Does your house have a funny smell? Does the garden look trimmed and tidy? Is the lawn looking like a bowling green? Do all the drawers close, does the shower leak? Do all the lightbulbs work?

Speak to your agent, or do your own research, on who your potential buyers may be. That way, you can stage your decluttered, freshly cleaned house to meet that market - you can even hire a company to do it for you.