Getting ready, what to do before selling your home

Before you list your property for sale, make sure that it’s not only looking its best, but that you’re ready to sell it.

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It’s time to disconnect emotionally from the property - it’s now a property, not a home - and depersonalise it as much as you can. That means packing away the family photos from the hallway walls, removing your Arsenal scarf from the bedroom wall, and tidying away your impressive range of hair products.

Ensure the property looks finished and ready to move in to - finish off those DIY jobs, clean out the kitchen cupboards, and patch and paint that dent in the living room wall. Garden looking messy? Attack the weeds or hire a gardener to give it a once-over.

If you’re able to, arrange to store as many of your items in a storage facility, a friend’s shed, or your own garage if you can do it tidily. This enables potential buyers to visualise their own furniture and artwork in the home.

If you’re planning to use a real estate agent, make a decision on who you’re going to use and agree on a marketing plan. If you’re selling privately, make sure good quality photos are taken, your ads are designed and booked, your lawyer is prepped and your open homes planned.

If you need to sell this property in order to go unconditional on another, work out your timeframe and make sure you have a day or two up your sleeve in case there are any hiccups.