Things to do before you move out

Although you’ve gone through the hard work of selling your house, it’s not quite party time yet - now you need to pack up and move out.

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Start organising your move with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Book a moving company if necessary, as soon as you have confirmation the property has sold, so you aren’t left high and dry on your own former driveway surrounded by boxes on settlement day.

  2. Book in transferring services such as phone and internet, power and gas - these may require you to take a final reading - as well as re-arranging rate payments with your local council if you’re buying another property.

  3. Ensure your property and contents are fully insured, and confirm your moving dates and details with your insurance company.

All of these jobs should be done before settlement day.

It doesn’t need to be all about hard work, though. Start moving in mentally to your new suburb/town/city… check out the local cafes, take a walk around the neighbourhood, have a picnic in a local park, take the kids for a run around the new school playground… let the excitement build for your new move!