10 things to sort when you move in to your new flat

As tempting as it is to focus on the flat decor shopping or the housewarming party, there are some more formal things to sort when you first move into a rental.

TMP601_10things -to -sort

  1. Written agreement: A written and signed formal tenancy agreement between tenant and landlord to specify the lengths and terms of the tenancy.

  2. Bond: An upfront refundable payment on the rental, which you’ll get returned when you move, provided the property is undamaged and your rent is all paid.

  3. Rent in advance: Any upfront rent payments, deposits, as required by the landlord – this is normally 2-3 weeks rent in advance.

  4. Fees: Though letting fees have been banned as of 12 December 2018, other fees may apply.

  5. Insurance: It’s recommended that you arrange renters or contents insurance for your belongings, the landlord takes care of property insurance.

  6. Property inspection:  A recorded property inspection between yourself and your landlord, including photographs of any existing damage and any furniture and whiteware provided.

  7. Services: Connection of services such as power, gas and phone/internet.

  8. Whiteware & furniture: Purchase or hire of whiteware and/or furniture.

  9. Flatmates: Finding other flatmates (if applicable).

  10. Emergency contacts:  A list of phone numbers for in an emergency to reach either the landlord, their property manager or approved tradespeople.

Refer to the Tenancy Services for more advice.

Get these top 10 must-dos sorted and then you can move on to the fun part of flatting.