What's your house worth?

Knowing what your house is worth, what it sold for in the past and other important property data has been hard to find over the years. 

That's why we launched Property Insights by Trade Me

Property Insights is all about making it easier and free for Kiwis to do their property research. It has details on over 1.5 million New Zealand houses.

Property Insights also has a handy feature called the Trade Me Property Estimate - a computer generated estimate of what your house might sell for based on RV data, sales information and user data on Trade Me.

Check out Property Insights now or take a look at our media release below for more information.

Media release:

Trade Me launches free property data with Property Insights

Trade Me Property launched a new tool today that aims to make it easier to research the New Zealand property market. Property Insights is a free website that helps buyers and sellers gather detailed information about New Zealand houses before making one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives.

Property Insights provides free information for over 1.5 million New Zealand homes, like ratable value (RV) data, previous sale prices, and property information like when the house was built and its floor size. It also provides a computer-generated estimate of a home’s current value called the Trade Me Property Estimate.

Nigel Jeffries, Head of Trade Me Property said that Property Insights is a big step for property buyers and sellers. “New Zealand has lagged behind the US, Australia and UK for far too long by not providing this type of information for free. But Kiwi property buyers and sellers can now depend less on paid reports and friends in the real estate industry, and instead access the information in one place for free.”

Mr Jeffries said that the Trade Me Property Estimate was one of the best features of the new product. “We think it’ll be an extremely useful research tool, providing a computer-generated estimate that gives an indication of what a property might sell for.”

The Trade Me Property Estimate is calculated using sales of similar properties, RV data and details of listing and user activity on Trade Me.

“These estimates are useful because unless you live and breathe property you’ve really got no idea of what your house might sell for, or how much you might be looking to pay for the house you’re researching.

“Buyers can waste a lot of money on information like building reports and Land Information Memorandums (LIM), only to realise down the line that the property was out of their league and would sell far above its RV. For sellers this provides a realistic starting point when talking to agents and when considering putting their house on the market.

“These are computer generated estimates, so they don’t take into account new renovations or interior work. They’re a starting point rather than a replacement for a valuer or an agent walking through the house.”

Mr Jeffries said that some people may feel this data should be withheld or behind a paywall. “We think the majority of New Zealanders will relish access to this data, and that this information should be made easily accessible. This information is available at council offices for free right now but it isn’t easy to get to.”

Trade Me Property has agreements with all of New Zealand’s 67 councils for the RV data, and all but one council agreed to provide the sold data.

The data on Property Insights is updated monthly when councils provide new sales and RV data.