Wealthy Kiwis' houses have price tags to match

On Wednesday, Trade Me Property launched a new tool that makes it easier to find out what your neighbour's house sold for - or what the house two streets over sold for.

We decided to test it out - this is what we found:

1. Dotcom mansion

554643683Kim Dotcom's former home. Photo courtesy of Barfoot.co.nz

Kim Dotcom's former residence on Mahoenui Valley Rd, Coatesville, Auckland is worth a whopping $23.55 million - as at July 2014.

However, it sold for a pretty penny more in July - insiders estimate the sale price to be about $40m.

The Coatesville mansion hit the headlines during internet mogul Kim Dotcom's infamous police helicopter raid, with his ex-wife fleeing in a golf cart. 

It was labelled as one of New Zealand's most expensive houses and was reportedly on the market for $35m.

2. Graeme Hart

Graeme HartGraeme Hart's clifftop home in Auckland. Photo courtesy of Stuff.co.nz

He is New Zealand's richest man, so it's only natural that he owns one of the most expensive properties on our list.

Graeme Hart's clifftop mansion in Glendowie, Auckland, boasts views over Gentlemens Bay and comes complete with a pool.

The house is worth a fair bit - $31m to be exact - but that may be irrelevant to a man worth $7 billion. If Hart decided to sell in today's red-hot market, he'd get between $29.27m and $40.41m.

3. Lorde

LordeLorde bought her first home in Auckland in January. Photo courtesy of Stuff.co.nz

Kiwi pop princess Ella (Lorde) Yelich-O'Connor snapped up her first home at the beginning of the year.

The singer-songwriter - estimated to be worth between $9m and $11m - paid $2.84m for the four-bedroom Ponsonby villa.

In this market, the 19-year-old's house could sell for between $2.07m and $2.85m. She's only had it for nine months and, should she decide to sell now, could make a sweet little profit.

4. The Bachelor NZ mansion

The Bachelor New Zealand season two cast. Photo courtesy of Stuff.co.nz

Hundreds of women flocked there in hopes of meeting the man of their dreams.

It was a beautiful location to get to know each other and fall in love - unfortunately it's wasn't the happy ending they all hoped.

Now - the mansion the women lived in during the filming of The Bachelor NZ - is back in the hands of its owners. And they'd be pleased to know the Pohuehue home is worth a few dollars - $3.15m to be exact.

5. Richie McCaw

Richie Mccaw
Richie McCaw owns a home in Wanaka. Photo courtesy of ANDREW CORNAGA/PHOTOSPORT

Retired All Blacks great Richie McCaw is keeping life simple off the field.

While there is sure to be a few dollars in the bank, he's been modest about it.

He owns six houses throughout the country, including a house in Wanaka - known as his "Versatile House" (he's the company's brand ambassador).

He bought the section for $295,000 in March 2010. By the time the house was built on top, the RV jumped to $650,000.

However, if he was thinking of moving to a warmer part of the country, a new buyer - who may also happen to be a crazy rugby fan - could snap it up for between $790,000 and $1.05m.

6. Hilary Barry

Hilary Barry lives in Milford, Auckland. Photo courtesy of LAWRENCE SMITH/FAIRFAX NZ

Life as a television reporter seems to have paid off for one of our favourite newsreaders.

Hilary Barry lives in a $2.27m home in Milford, Auckland.

If the new Breakfast host is thinking about selling, she'd get between $2.71m to $3.75m for her four-bedroom place.

7. Sam Neill

Sam NeillSam Neill has a home in Queenstown Lakes. Photo courtesy of LAWRENCE SMITH/FAIRFAX NZ

When the Kiwi actor isn't shooting blockbusters overseas, he's spending some time in Central Otago.

With an estimated worth of about $12m, Northern Irish–born Sam Neill has found himself a little - or not so little - spot near Queenstown Lakes worth about $5.62m.

The star of Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Jurassic Park is also the owner of Two Paddocks winery.

8. Brendon McCullum

BrendonFormer NZ Black Caps captain Brendon McCullum lives in Christchurch. Image from Getty.co.nz

When he retired from international cricket last year, Brendon McCullum was thought to have a net worth of almost $5m.

This probably explains his $1.27m house in Fendalton, Christchurch - which he is believed to have sold about a month ago.

9. Rod Drury

Rod DuryXero chief executive Rod Drury lives in Havelock North. Photo courtesy of JOHN COWPLAND/FAIRFAX NX.

Mr Xero himself, who is worth an estimated $500m, owns a four-bedroom house in Hawke's Bay.

He paid just $210,000 for whatever was there in 2009. By 2013, it was worth $1.39m.

Now, if Rod Drury decided to make the move from Havelock North, he'd pocket anywhere between $1.35m and $1.71m.

10. Paul Henry

Paul HenryBroadcaster Paul Henry in his Albany home. Image courtesy of PETER MEECHAM/FAIRFAX NZ.

He's the broadcaster everyone loves to hate, and some may take that to the next level after they find out his house is worth a cool $1.945m.

Henry brought this humble abode in January 2004 for about $1.19m. It is nestled in Lucas Heights - north of Auckland city.

- Original article from Stuff.co.nz