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First home

Episode 1 - Guy tries to buy a house

I’m Guy Williams and my whole life I've lived with my mum and my dad. Now I've finally decided it's the right time for me to find a place of my own. Follow me on my quest to buy a house. Feeling a...

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Episode 2 - Guy tries to buy a house

Clearly Guy needs a bit of help on this journey. Luckily he has Christian helping him, one of Westpac's Mobile Mortgage Managers. Feeling a bit like Guy? Over renting, over parents, over being ...

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Episode 3 - Guy tries to buy a house

Guy’s savings plan hasn’t quite been going to plan. Fortunately, Westpac's Mobile Mortgage Manager, Christian, lets him know about the range of low deposit options that can get him underway.  Fe...

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Episode 4 - Guy tries to buy a house

This week, Guy learns that he could apply for conditional home loan approval in about the same time it takes to watch this episode .  Feeling a bit like Guy? Over renting, over parents, over bei...

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Guy tries to buy a house - Episode 5

With conditional approval, Guy is ready to hit the auction scene, and Westpac have sent their Mobile Mortgage Manager Christian along with him for support and advice. And boy does he need it! Feel...

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The home loan journey

You're on a mission to buy your first home, and like most New Zealanders, you need a home loan to help you get there. Saving your deposit is usually the first step in the journey, or you might l...

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Home buying How-To

We’ve got the How-To list to help with everything home buying – from when you first apply for a loan and start house hunting, right through to settlement and the moving in process. When applying...

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What types of ownership are there?

Freehold: this is the most common type of ownership. It means you own the land and house with virtually no restrictions on your ownership rights. Leasehold: with this type of ownership you lease...

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Can you afford to buy property?

First things first – you’ll want to figure out where you stand financially. That includes what you’ll need for a deposit, how much you might be able to borrow, and looking into things like how Kiwi...

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A few costs related to buying a home

When you’re working out if you’re in the financial position to buy a home, don’t forget to take into consideration all those extra expenses during the process, like legal fees and valuation reports...

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