Benefits of buying a new home

The shiny new walls, pristine carpets, untouched bathrooms and just a hint of fresh paint smell still in the air – the benefits of buying a new home are many, and go far beyond the sheer enjoyment of having a brand new space that’s all yours.

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Whether you’re plunging straight into buying a new house or apartment as your first home, upgrading for your next home or downsizing to an easy-care property once the kids have left home, ultimately you’ll reap the same benefits that only a new property brings.

Get exactly what you want

One of the big benefits of buying new is customising it to you and your lifestyle from the get-go. Prospective house buyers who’ve been spending their weekends treading the open home circuit will know firsthand how, well, unique some existing homes can be.

It can be difficult, if not impossible, to tick everything on the “wanted” list in any existing property, so the chances of getting more of what you really want are far higher in a new home or apartment.

Although you may feel overwhelmed by the myriad of decisions you’ll have to make during the building process, particularly if you’re buying off-plan, the result is a home that is customised to you and your lifestyle – not someone else’s lifestyle from the 1950s.

The maths looks better new

While traditionally it’s been more affordable for first home buyers to purchase an existing home, times are a-changing. Now, with house prices in many of New Zealand’s main centres still pushing far beyond affordability, building new has become an attractive and realistic option for these buyers.

As an added bonus, KiwiSaver’s HomeStart grant allows first-time home buyers to use double the KiwiSaver funds for a new home or land compared to an existing home. If you buy a new home or land, you could get $2,000 for each year you've paid into the scheme; the most you can get is $10,000 for five years.

Although new homes may generally cost more upfront than buying an older home, it is worthwhile to look down the track at the lower costs of maintaining a new home, lower power bills, potentially less insurance costs and likely a higher sales figure when you eventually sell it.

Less cost, less hassle down the track

Unless you’re a DIY addict, low maintenance is as much music to the ears of any first home buyers who work long hours to pay the mortgage, as it is to retirees, or busy young families who don’t fancy mixing toddlers with powertools.

Although every property will require some level of maintenance, having a modern home with brand new materials will take far less work to look after than an old villa or a 1970s weatherboard dwelling on wonky piles. With every existing home, however much you check and inspect, there is an inherent risk that you’re investing in a previously undiagnosed problem – that risk is vastly reduced with a new home.

Sleep easy in your new home

A new home is generally warmer and dryer in winter, and cooler in summer, than an older house, due to better building standards and the use of increasingly high tech insulation and cladding materials.

Added to the comfort of a new home is the peace of mind in knowing that any issues that may crop up are likely to be covered by a Master Builder guarantee that all registered builders must adhere to.

And, if caring for the environment is key for you and your home, building materials are becoming increasingly more eco-friendly and there is more variety in planet-saving home products - such as solar heating - than ever before.